Welcome to this website which is about the boundless and ultimate life perspective which reveals itself when it dawns on us that behind body and mind there is something much bigger connecting all of us – the awareness in which we appear and with which we are known. In fact, we all are this eternal and infinite awareness which doesn´t share the destiny or limits of the body and mind.

When we humans have this experience (i.e. become aware of being aware), and start to live “our” lives consistent with this understanding, then as physical persons we become more and more transparent for something bigger than ourselves as we become less and less vain, self-centered and egoistic. Reverence for creation will grow and the true all-embracing love will find its breeding ground.

All of us want to make this world a better place to be. There is no other way to achieve this than to start looking inside ourselves, because at the end we all are this world. This website is offered as a source of inspiration for everyone who is ready to go a little deeper to find her or his true self behind their physical appearance. Here you can find great wisdom from many different so-called spiritual teachers. This is NOT about any old or new religion. This is NOT about finding something to believe in. This is about sharpening each individual person´s intuitive skills and provide inspiration for anyone who may want to learn more about life, i.e. themselves.

Try to open some of the doors presented here, and take then what you find useful and what you feel for. Be still and open, become inspired, and believe only in what´s coming through yourself, what feels really right! If then, after moving around here, you feel positively affected, you may like to share the experience with others. Please feel free to share with your friends, family or website visitors. You can also link to this site from your social media, own website, blog, etc. And of course, you are always very welcome to contact me with any feedback, comments, ideas or suggestions.

Only TOGETHER we can create the loving life we all want to be!

Gert Behnke  (gbe@pc.dk)

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